This area provides documents developed during recent academic studies.

I am currently studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at George Mason University, in order to complement to my current skills in the fields of law and computer science. Some materials that I have prepared during these studies may be of value to others with an interest in these topics.

Engineering Applications
Various engineering-related software applications.

Reading Notes
Title: Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Description: Reading notes from most of the text of Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 4th Ed. (Lay).

Title: University Physics
Description: Reading notes from the Electricity and Magnetism chapters of University Physics, 13th Ed. (Young and Friedman).

Other Projects
Title: Build-It-Yourself: Software Oscilloscope and Function Generator
Description: A step-by-step instruction guide for building a software-controlled oscilloscope and function generator.

Title: Raspberry Pi 4B Case Test
Description: Some testing of temperature management strategies and properties of the Raspberry Pi 4B.