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Introduction: This application provides a hands-on demonstration of various circuit configurations. The application allows the formation of a feed-forward circuit comprising a series of components such as voltage sources and op-amps of various configurations, and simulates and displays the results.


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This project demonstrates the characteristics of various configurations of op-amps. The performance of each op-amp configuration can be tweaked by adjusting its elements, such as input resistors, feedback resistors, and capacitors. Cascades of op-amps can also be generated, where the output of one op-amp is provided as the input for one (or several) op-amps at the next stage.

Of course, this project is not a full-fledged circuit simulator such as PSpice; it does not perform mesh or nodal analysis, but simply allows the connection of components with various input and output voltages. Meshes and loops are not possible, because this project is strictly feed-forward. During each iteration, the simulation processes the components at each stage, and then uses the output to simulate the behavior of the components at the next stage, etc. (An interesting result of this limitation is that it's not possible to add a single resistor as a component - because its current and voltage drop is determined by the voltage both at the preceding stage and at the following stage.)

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